SQL Server Data Tools ( SSDT ) – Error – “The Application is not installed”


Wanted to quickly go over an error that is easy to self trigger when working with SQL Server Data Tools ( SSDT ).


Triggering Point

A few days ago I was working with SSDT, and I was informed that one of the plugins is running slow and prompted if I want to disable it.


Error Message

Solution Explorer

Here is the visuals from Solution Explorer.


The project is marked “incompatible“.

The project’s packages are not outlined.

Their usual placement is obstructed by a text that reads “The application is not installed“.




The application is not installed.




  1. In SQL Server Data Tools ( SSDT )
    • Extensions and Updates
      • Access Menu Options Tools \ “Extensions and Updates”
      • The “Extensions and Updates” Window appears
        • Left Panel
          • From the left panel, access the Installed\All Tab
        • Middle Panel
          • Choose to sort by “Most Recent”
          • Select “Microsoft Integration Services”
          • Click on the “Enable” button
  2. Restart SSDT
  3. Load Project
  4. Access Solution Explorer window
    • Access Project
    • Right click on Project and choose to Reload it



Extensions and Updates

Microsoft Integration Services Project

Pre Changes


Post Changes



Please keep good notes of changes you make.

And, be ready to go back and revert if need be.

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