Smart System Menu


Have an application that is not allowing me to resize it’s window.

Sought out tools to help.

Smart System Menu

The most accessible tool I found is the one from Alexander.

The tool’s name is Smart System Menu.


The compiled app is here.


It is open source and it is available here.



Downloaded the compiled binary.


The binary is compressed.

Please un-compress.



Please execute SmartSystemMenu.exe.

Once started, it runs in the background and accessible via the System Tray.


The system menu in each application is enhanced.

The enhancements is that we now have :-

  1. Resize Menu Entry
    • Specific Sizes
      • 640×480
      • 800×600
    • Manual
  2. Alignment


Microsoft Windows – Word pad



If you end up with an Application that is not easy to move around on the desktop, please consider Windows Screen sizing tools.

Unfortunately, it did not help with our targeted application.

The developer had chosen to not allow the window to be resized.

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