David Ortiz And A Lexus


Once again, here is a story that is not worth talking about.

A ballplayer and a family man, took a trip down to Central America to spend time with extended family and love ones.




Two days ago, Dominican model Maria Yeribell Martinez Garcia went on social media to deny that she was at the center of a love triangle that led to the shooting of David Ortiz in the Dominican Republic this past week.

Dominican Police say a gang of sicarios – hitmen – stalked Ortiz before shooting him at point blank range to claim 400,000 Dominican Pesos ($7,805) that was offered to gun down the former Red Sox star.

Police have not said who was behind the ‘murder for hire’ plot but three law enforcement sources told DailyMail.com it’s believed the organizer was a Dominican drug lord who thought Ortiz was having an affair with his girlfriend.

Garcia has not been accused of any wrongdoing and denies being involved with a mobster, describing the love triangle allegation as ‘totally false’ in an Instagram post circulated on social media.

The media in the Dominican Republic, however, is painting a very different picture of her relationship with the baseball star.

Several outlets in the DR, obtained a purchase contract from a local Lexus dealership in Yeribel’s name that was paid for by a check by Ortiz just a day before his shooting.

Ortiz’s representatives declined to address the images of Ortiz’s check circulating in the media in the Dominican Republic.

Alex Radetsky, a US-based agent for Ortiz, declined to comment on whether his famed client had any sort of relationship with Garcia, romantic or otherwise.

Radetsky also declined to address a set of images circulating widely in the Dominican media that appear to show that Ortiz bought Garcia a luxury SUV the day before the shooting.

The documents include a June 8 sales agreement for a Lexus RX that lists Garcia as the owner of the new car.

A bank check made out by David Americo Ortiz Arias, the ex-player’s full name, shows a Bank of America check for $84,500.

The memo on the check is translated to read: ‘the vehicle purchase’. The check was dated June 10, the Monday after Ortiz was shot.

The Lexus dealership also declined to comment.

DailyMail.com approached the Santo Domingo-based dealership to verify whether the papers were genuine. A saleswoman said she was not able to speak to the media because of the ongoing police investigation.

Yeribell, who was seen fighting another woman at the hospital the night of Ortiz shooting, continues to claim that she is just a family friend.

‘We are friends, he knows my family and the people are making things much larger,’ she said in Spanish. ‘His recuperation is what’s important right now, not me, not the people in the clinic.’


Everybody is a player these days.

Both men and women.

Even though she bags you, says she got you, she ain’t even got herself.

You can never, ever, account for Jealousy.

So smile and stay out of the way!



  1. CNN
    • David Ortiz tears up in first interview since he was shot
      • Profile
        • In an emotional interview with Univision, former Red Sox baseball player David Ortiz opened up about being shot in the Dominican Republic in June.Source: CNN
      • Videos
        • Video #1
          Date Published :- 2019-Sept-16th

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