AWS/RDS – Delete Instance


For one of the projects we are standing up in AWS, I will like to test out different Instance configuration options.


It has a big database and I did not want to continue eating the cost of standing up various instances.  It is time to stand down of some of the instances.




Here is the current list of RDS Instances.



  1. dev
    • Development
  2. perf
    • Performance
  3. prod
    • Production

Delete Instance

We are not currently using Prod and so I am going to take it “permanently” down.

And, start running load test against Perf; which is the instance I brought up just yesterday.



  1. Access list of Database Instances
  2. Select instance targeted for deletion
  3. Choose the menu options Action/Delete
  4. If “Delete Protection” has been enabled for the Instance
    • We are prompted to “modify the database and disable deletion protection
  5. Access Instance
    • Review Instance’s “Deletion Protection”
    • Check off “Enable Deletion Protection
    • Save Changes
    • Scheduling of Modifications
      • By default changes are effected during next maintenance window
      • Choose to effect this specific change immediately
  6. Return to list of RDS Databases
  7. Choose to delete instance
    • Prompted as to whether we want to take a final snapshot
    • We made the following modifications
      • We chose not to take that final snapshot
      • Confirm deletion by entering “delete me
    • Advised that RDS Instance Deletion is being processed
  8. List of RDS Databases reflects deletion processed

Screen Images

RDS / Instances / List – 01

This database has deletion protection option enabled



Deletion Protection


Scheduling of Modifications

Apply During the Next Scheduled Maintenance Window

Apply Immediately


RDS / Instances / List – 02

RDS / Instances / Delete Instance ?




RDS / Instances / Deleting Instance

RDS / Instances

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