Life and embarrassment of riches


My cousin silently pulled me in to a phone conversation he was having with his lady friend a couple of times yesterday evening.

He was intentionally pulling her strings and she couldn’t quite get well with it.

When we got on the phone, I had to explain to him, to him she is a conquest.

To her it was hoping to manage her way into a better breed.

Most times it does not materialize, but that rarely deters us.

We know when it does, it is such a big pull up, and it can mean so much to our lives and those who follow.



Wifey’s certificate got held back as I did NOT enter our credit number properly as I registered her for her class.

This morning she texted me to let me know.

I asked her for the phone number to call to make amends.

She said she has already emailed it to me.

I asked her to please text me instead; as I was on the train commuting.

She went back through her notes and texted it to me.

I was able to call the center and give them the information clearly over the phone.


A Point

I was in a conversation, a couple of weeks back.

One of the participants opted to make and revisit a point a few times.

Later that day, I ran into someone a bit closer to him.

I said to him that you have an embarrassment of Riches for friends.

He knew what I was taking about immediately.

He pressed me for who I specifically had in mind.

I deferred.

He wouldn’t allow my differential.

And, mentioned our mutual friend.

Finally, I acquiescenced.



Listening to :-

Joshua Radin
In her eyes

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