Measuring IOPs on MS Windows – Day 01


Wanted to cover a couple of options for measuring Storage IOPs on a MS Windows machine.


  1. SysGauge – System Monitors
  2. MS Windows Performance Monitor
    • Disk IO
      • Logical Disk
    • SQL Server ( v2014+ )



Download SysGuage from here.

Install it on targeted machine.

Run it while sufficient load is running.


MS Windows

Performance Monitor

Counter :- Disk IO

Counter :- Disk IO \ Logical Disk

  1. You want to look under LogicalDisk
    • Disk Reads/sec
    • Disk Writes/sec
    • Disk Transfers/sec
      • Disk Reads/sec + Disk Writes/sec

Counter :- SQL Server

Object Name :- SQL Server \ Resource Pool Stats

Please keep in  mind that Resource Pool Stats is only available as of SQL Server v2014.

When not running default MS SQL Server Instance, please look for the named instance complement.


  1. SQL Server
    • Object Name :- Resource Pool Stats
      • Counter Name
        • Disk Read IO/sec
        • Disk Write IO/sec

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