Francis Schaeffer :- “This is That” Fallacy


  1. Abandon from preaching the bible and move to wild prophetic revelation
    • Francis Schaeffer
      • This event in our time is a fulfillment of that prophecy in the bible.



  1. Francis Schaeffer



  1. Os Guinness
    • Crosswalk ( Link )
      • Question
        • Do people ask you if we are living in the end times. If so what do you say?
      • Response
        • Os Guinness says, My short answer is that I don’t know. In other words, clearly there are circumstances in our generation that have all the makings of the signs of the end. But there is a great danger in what used to be called the “this is that” fallacy. In other words, when we say that this in our times is that in the scripture. When it doesn’t pan out people don’t say, “Hal Lindsey was wrong”. (Which he was.) They say the “Bible was wrong.” But the bible didn’t say it… Hal Lindsey did
        • Os Guinness says, the other problem with an over fascination of the end times is that it cuts the nerve of Christian engagement with society; so the Church is no longer salt and light.

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