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  1. My Testimony. (Sensitive Topic)
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          • There are some things we just don’t talk about. Stigma, shame, and fear of being judged keeps a lot of people from telling their stories but I believe that our #testimonies need to be shared! It kills the stigma, reduces the shame, and reveals the #truth. I hope that you are blessed by my story of God’s grace in my life.
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            Channel :- Ty’Jalayah Robertson
            Published On :- 2018-Sept-26th


In Depth

My Testimony. (Sensitive Topic)

  1. Hearing God
    • Been Used
      • I will ask God to use me
      • And, I will thank him for using me
      • You can talk about other things you are going through
      • God can not use me in this
    • YouTube
      • Certain things that people don’t talk about
  2. Met a boy
    • I was 16 when I met him
    • I told him I was not having sex
    • He was very quick on that
    • I want to wait till I get married
    • After a year, we were intimate
  3. Talking
    • There was one girl that was pregnant
    • And, they were talking about her
    • People go through stuff and you never know their story
  4. Look
    • I look like I got my head on straight
    • We make all these expectations
  5. I am going to keep the child
    • I can’t to to the University anymore
      • I will likely go to a Community College
      • That way, I don’t have to pay for living
    • I cannot do tracks anymore
      • I will quit tracks
  6. Sacrifice
    • My sacrifice to God and to that Baby is not having sex
  7.  Enemy
    • The Enemy is trying to tell me this is not my testimony
    • God is still using me, knowing I did that
  8. Mindset
    • Whatever their mindset now is what is allowing them to do those things
    • Satan gave me justification to do those things
      • Satan gave me justification to have sex
    • I did not just say yes to sex
      • I had justifications
  9. Talk to God
    • Talk to God on behalf of that person
    • So that they hear God
  10. A Way
    • Raising a child
      • This is the way I have to raise this child
      • There is a way you can do it so that it does not have to be done in the DARK
      • he still loves you
      • You can keep it and still not follow God’s path
        • Selling Drugs
  11. Faith
    • I did not have faith in God
    • Knowing
      • Knowing that I am wrong
      • Knowing that I am young
  12. Need
    • I just need God
  13. Because I did not Keep my Baby
    • I have to encourage your thinking and forethought
    • It lies in you trusting God
  14. Pursue God
    • You see me Pursue God
  15. Praying
    • As a mother no one wants to hear their teenage one having children
    • Put the love back on them



God can not use me in this….

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