Making Amends


There is an area of life that is difficult to measure.

And, that is how to accept people asking for forgiveness.



Personally I think that personal change should be part of that journey.

Has the behavior changed ?

Is the person-hood that led one down that path changing ?

If the person is not changing, the behavior will be repeating.

Public Life

There are a couple of public figures that come to mind.

And, I will go a bit back; to the 90s to the precise.

House Democrats

While the younger legislatures may be more opportunistic, the seasoned ones are not so.  At least in public.

They understand the journey the country went through with Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.

Bill Gates

In the late nineties, everyone faulted Bill Gates for over competitiveness.

The journey went through the courts and he was faced with the prospect of his company being broken up.

His company’s leadership group persuaded him to take a less public face.  He relinquished the Day to Day running of the organization and became Chairman of the Board.


The Japanese flooded the company with cheaper and competitive automobiles and electronics.  Likely vilified, as well.

With time the attention shifted.

The Chinese should likely seek and see solace in that journey.


In summary one should ask him or her self, which areas are you withholding forgiveness.

And, why :-

  1. Is the fault personal or group?
    • Was the fault directed at the person directly or at a group?
  2. What has the offending partner done to change the situation and perception
    • Has there been confession?
      • And, sometimes confession is personal and sometimes it is public
    • Has he or she sought forgiveness
    • What has been done in the private and public place to amend
  3. Have you had the opportunity to see those changes
    • If you have not, then the scope of the problem is likely lesser than one thinks it is
    • One is holding on to old grudges or at least expecting a fuller recompense than is likely due

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