Aggressive Personality @ Work – Day 01


I am the last person that should be writing this post.

But, what better than to lay on one’s own sword.



If you find yourself dealing with aggressive people at work, what should you do ?


  1. Organizational Culture
    • Look at the Culture of the Organization and decide if it is tilted that way.  Is it one where the founder still heads and does he have a “buccaneer” attitude?
    • If the Organization is like that then there is likely not much room for change
    • Decide if the job meets your long and short term goals; the rewards of such a culture and the likely fruits from engaging and may be thriving in it
  2. Team Culture
    • Look at the team Culture
    • Is the manager like that?
    • Does he exhibit that trait identifiable or is it more silent ( unknowingly or hidden )

Personal Approach

Have you tried to pull that person aside and see if you are reading the situation wrong.

Reading people wrong comes with a cost :-

  1. You make them uncomfortable
  2. And, they will likely wonder why you treat them a certain way
  3. If you do not give them an opportunity, they will likely develop a diminished perception and attitude towards you, as well


Build Relationships

Build relationships with as many people as you can within and across the organization.

Invariably opportunities will arise to work with others.

The Good

Within those opportunities there will be steller performances.

Recognize the steller performances, but more importantly recognize the organization culture and structure that allowed and allows it.

The unsung heroes.

The sacrificing family; the present wife that covers for the absent husband.

The well behaved children that allows the father to indulge in selfish ambition.

The Not So Good

There will be lapses, as well.

Do you cover for those lapses or do you exploit it for your gain?

The time will come when the aggressive mindset will turn against you.  One of your few benefits may be the way you treated others.


Invest in self

Work Hard at your craft.

Work hard at communication.

Both Oral and Written.

Work at being direct and respect other people’s time.

When you need them be direct and concise as to how and when.

It is easier to get help when one does not overreach.


Respect Your Space

Respect your space.

Root out gossip.

Find ways to weed out bitterness.

Though harder, look for ways to pull people up without lazily putting others down at the same time.


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