Gmail :- Accessing Hotmail/Outlook emails


A 3 day weekend offers an extra day to tackle one of those personal matters that has fraught me for a while.



I know it is petty, but I still have not gotten use to how easy it is for emojis to pop up when composing emails in Hotmail.

For context spoke about same here:-

  1. Hotmail and Emojis – Day 01
  2. Hotmail and Emojis – Day 02 ( Personal Feedback )




In this post we will chronicle the simple straightforward steps it takes to access email servers ( SMTP, POP3, and IMAP )  from Gmail.


  1. Launch a Browser
  2. Access Gmail ( )
  3. Login to existing gmail account or create a new gmail account
  4. Once connected to gmail, do the following
    • Access Settings via clicking on the wrench button on the upper right hand corner of the screen (  )
    • Settings
      • The first tab that appears is the “General” Tab
      • Please click on the “Accounts and Import” link
      • In the “Accounts and Import” tab
        • “Import Mail and Contacts” Group Box
          • In the “Import Mail and Contacts” group box, please review the list of emails
          • Import Mail & Contact
            • Access
              • To add a new email address, please click the “Import from another email address” button
              • To review an existing email address, please click the “edit info” button
            • Add Mail Account
              • When adding a new mail account, the “Add a Mail account” window appears, please enter the email address
              • Link or Import
                • We are giving a choices as to whether to
                  • Link with Gmailify
                  • Import using POP3
              • Microsoft Live Prompt
                • Prompted by Microsoft Live as to whether one wants to allow Google Gmail to access Microsoft Live Account
              • Link/Import Confirmed
                •  Once access is confirmed, congratulatory window appears
    • Sync
      • Once settings in place, we are returned to the Settings/Accounts and Import window
      • Status of sync is displayed
      • Please click the “Check email now” link
      • Once synced, the status of the sync will be more representative


Image – Settings


Image – Settings – Tab – Accounts and Import


Image – Settings – “Add a mail account” – Tab – Email Address


Image – Settings – “Add a mail account”- Tab – Link Accounts with Gmailify or Import Email

Image – – Let this app access your info?

Image – You have been Gmailified


Synchronization Status

Synchronization Status – Not yet synchronized

Synchronization Status – Synchronized



Changing email addresses is not easy.

But, when faced with immovable obstacles such as interruptions sourced to inconvenient emojis, one could at least review and consider the current options available for reading incoming emails and composing new ones.

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