There are some things in life that stays for a while.

Inclusive being Babyface songs.

I vividly remember my first Face’s song.

It is Two occasions ( here ) :-

I only think of you on two occasions.

 That is Day and Night.

I will go for broke if I could be with you.

The band’s name is “The Deele”.

In the next album, made under his own name, he made it clear it was not a broke kind of love.

He said he will go to work, return home, and cook dinner.

The song’s name is “Soon as I get home” and a copy is here.

It’s not that you require a lot
Just need some tender love and care
I give good love
I’ll buy your clothes
I’ll cook your dinner too
Soon as I get home from work
I’ll pay your rent
Your faithful lover
And I’ll never lie
For all that it’s worth

A few weeks ago, I came across a short clip ( Link ) featuring him, Tracy, their son, and Neon Deion.

And, that is when it suddenly hit me.

This guy is for real.
It was not just a song.
It is not just a song.
It is a life lived.
A living life.

At the time I first heard, it was an access card to give a voice to the way I was feeling about my teenage love.

When young, while young, one thinks feelings is enough.

So many years later, this man is still here, modeling that it does not need to stay an access card.

It does not have to stay youthful curiosity.

It could be a lived live.

Never forgetting about Fab 5 Freedy; Yo homey, I thought it was just a song.

My very BAD.

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