Jordyn, Will, and Jada


Jordan: Derived from the Hebrew yarden (to flow down, descend).
The name was originally used in the Middle Ages for a child baptized in holy water said to be from the river Jordan.


Will & Jordyn

I didn’t think I’d be coming to the table like this, but it’s the best place to be,” Woods told Will, who she refers to as uncle.

“That table has mythological cleansing and healing powers,” Will said, positive as ever as he spoke to her. “I would have loved to be there, there’s a lot of things about our relationship to our family. Jordy’s father worked on ‘Fresh Prince’ before she was born. I know how hard it was for you and your family when he passed.”

I had a deep sense that we would be here one day and what I want to say to you is that the world attacks, it just happens,” he continued. “You’ll never get around the world attacking, but I want you to know that you are supported and I got you and we got you.”

After Woods said his message meant “the world” to her, he gave one final piece of advice. “I would say take your medicine and tell your truth, this is a part of what growing up is,” he told her. “This is a part of what learning is, a part of what family is. This world is not going to break you, we won’t allow it.

He signed off saying he loved her.


Elizabeth & Jordyn on Vacation in Africa





Short Commentary

There is nothing better reflective of your relationship with God other than how you see people.  What you wish for them.  And, how you will it.

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