GitHub – Private Repository – Collaboration


Yesterday I was going over a SQL Server module with a family member.

Often I will send him an email and have him review further on his own.


But, now with GitHub allowing private repositories even for free members, I can just go ahead and share that module with him.


  1. Launch Web Browser
  2. Sojourn to GitHub
  3. Search for users
    • Access the Search functionality
    • The URL is
    • Please enter user information
      • Help for searching is available here
        • Searching Users
    • Search Results
      • Search Results are displayed based on Repositories
      • Please click the Users button to view persons
  4. Collaborate
    • Access Repository
      • Access the Repository you want to share
    • From the left Options panel, choose the Collaborators option
    • The Collaborators panel appears
      • In the Search by name entry box, enter his user, fullname, or email address
      • Click the send button
  5. Wait for invite to be responded to





Collaborators – Search by username, full name, or email address


Collaborators – User Found


Collaborators – Invite Sent


Collaborators – Copy Invite Link


Git World

Bro, even among family members, it is a git world!



  1. GitHub
    • Searching Users

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