Google – Chrome – Notifications


Quite a bit of web sites prompts visitors for their acquiescence to receiving notifications.


Sample Notifications

Here are some sample notifications




Receiving and deciding whether to say Yes or No can take one from what he or she wants to do.



  1. Launch Google Chrome
  2. Access Settings
    • From the top menu bar, please click the button
    • From the drop down menu, please choose the Settings option
  3. Settings Window
    • Advance Setting
      • Please scroll to the bottom of the Settings window
      • Access Advanced Setting by clicking on the down arrow
    • Privacy & Security
      • Please click on the right arrow next to Site Settings
    • Site Settings
      • The Site Settings window appears
      • Please click on the arrow ( contentSettings.rightArrow.20190324.1050AM.png) to the right of the “Notifications”
    • Content Setting – Notifications
      • Asked Before Sending
        • The default choice is to “Ask Before Sending”
        • Opt Out
          • If you see that reading and decide to opt out of receiving all notifications, please move the dial to the left.
          • The text will now read Blocked
      • Block
        • The sites you have indicated you will like to “opt out of” are listed
        • To adjust a site setting, please click on the contentSettings.notifications.arrow.20190324.1106AMbutton
      • Allow
        • Allowed
          • Sites you have explicitly allowed are listed
        • Extensions
          • Also listed are sites that you have implicitly agreed to based on extensions you have installed and enabled



Image – Settings


Image – Content Settings



Settings – Content



Settings – Content – Notifications




Now that you have a bit of knowledge about how to access Google’s Chrome Notifications settings, please feel free to take the shortcuts listed below :-

  1. Access Notifications
    • chrome://settings/content/notifications
    • To completely block future ask per notifications
      • Blocked
        • Ensure that the Blocked dial has been moved to the left



  1. Google – Chrome
    • Notifications
      • Turn Notifications On or Off


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