Pathping / Day 01


Wanted to talk very little about using pathping to get an idea of the route between one and a destination host.


The syntax is generic enough.

Enter pathping and the destination’s hostname or IP Address.




Tracing Route


Computing Statistics




There are two sections to pathping’s output.

The sections are “Tracing Route” and “Computing Statistics“.


Tracing Route

Each router that is responsible for forwarding the network packet is listed.

Computing Statistics

Allotted Time

Depending on how many routers are encountered time is allotted for processing.

Each router is pinged one hundred times every 0.25 seconds.

That is, 25 seconds is allotted for each router.


  1. Hop
    • Increasing number for each router
  2. RTT
    • RTT means Round Trip Time
    • The is how long it took to receive response back from that router
  3. Source to Here / Loss / Sent Percentage ( % )
    • Percentile of packets lost
    • If 100 packets were sent, but only 20 acknowledgement was received
    • This number will be ( 100-20) / 100 or 80%
  4. This Node Link / Loss / Sent Percentage ( % )
    • Packet loss information specific to this router
  5. Address
    • Router’s Address


  1. If you see 100% packet loss, but entries beyond that point
    • That specific router is likely dropping ICMP traffic


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