Kristine Anigwe :- “Playing for other people”

The last few weeks has been bruising for young entertainers and play makers.


  1. Pac 12 Networks
    • California’s Kristine Anigwe shares her inspiration, ‘playing for other people’ after recording…
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        • Pac-12 Networks’ Thad Anderson and Elise Woodward catch up with California’s Kristine Anigwe following her outstanding performance in the Golden Bears’ 80-58 victory over Washington State in Pullman. The senior posted 33 points and 30 rebounds to earn her 30th double-double and tie the Pac-12 women’s basketball single-game rebounding record in her final regular season game.
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  1. Playing for other people
    • Playing for my Mum
    • Playing for my team
    • Playing for my family
  2. Selflessness
    • Everybody is selfless
    • They really want you to succeed
  3. Team
    • I have never been on a team like this
    • They encourage you
    • They are truly for you
    • It is easy to excel in this environment
  4. Parenting
    • 30 / 30 Game
    • My mum will always be on me to rebound
    • She is not going to be able to come to all my games anymore
  5. Perfect
    • No team is perfect.  But I feel like this team is perfect for each individual.
    • Everyone can be themselves.
    • Everyone can thrive on the court
    • If they don’t have the game they wanted, they are in the gym the next day trying to excel
  6.  Blooming
    • We are in the upcoming
    • We are blooming right now


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