Hotmail and Emojis – Day 02 ( Personal Feedback )



A quick follow-up to my earlier struggle with Hotmail and Emojis.

Here is the initial post :-

  1. Hotmail and Emojis – Day 01


Personal Feedback

There are multiple layers of breakdown here:-

  1. Product Management
    • It is very difficult to see how this feature became a default use case.
  2. Development
    • Most developers think a bit about what they are coding
    • Opt-In
      • How do I enable it
      • How do users enable it
    • Opt-Out
      • How do users opt out
      • Does the user have to repeatedly say No, I don’t want this feature
      • Or can they opt out once and be offered a choice as to No for now or Never
        • That is, I do not want this to become my new reality
        • And, be told how to enable it when they want it
  3. Usability Testing
    • It appears the only test case is how to force emojis once certain keystrokes are entered
  4. DevOps
    • This is also a cautionary tale about DevOps or deployment group
    • Did you use it while rolling it out
    • Or was everything automated
    • And, have you returned to using it
    • What has your experience being, when you wanted to say No
  5. Product Support


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