AWS/RDS – SQL Server – Self Identify


Playing around more and more with AWS/RDS.

There is quite a bit of restrictions compared to self hosted platform.

Self Identify

To use some code on premise or cloud hosted, need to sprinkle in conditional statements.



Here are some fingerprints to look for :-

  1. Server Name
    • AWS/RDS
      • EC2AMAZ-N4O
  2. Databases


declare @servername sysname
declare @bAWS       bit
declare @bAWSRDS    bit

set @servername
	= cast(serverproperty('servername') as sysname)

set @bAWS =
	isNull(charindex( 'EC2AMAZ-', @servername), 0)

set @bAWSRDS =
	isNull( (db_id('rdsadmin') ), 0)

print 'server :- ' + @servername
print 'AWS :- ' + cast(@bAWS as varchar)
print 'AWSRDS :- ' + cast(@bAWSRDS as varchar)


Platform – RDS

Platform – RDS – Image – 01



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