AWS/S3 – File Move and Rename using S3 Browser


Common File Utility functions includes upload & download and create & delete; as well as move and rename.

S3 Browser

File Move and Rename

S3 File Move and Rename are easy to trigger through Web browsers and S3 Utilities.

When we do so, please keep in mind that the change is is not in place, but an actual copy of the originating file unto the new file and removal of the old.


Tab – Tasks



  1. Moving the file
  2. Two chunks of 32 MB are moved at a time

Tab – EventLog



  1. File is broken into chunks
  2. Each chunk is processed
    • Copying part
    • Successfully copied


Key points :-

  1. Pay studious attention
    • You might be using more bandwidth than you intend
    • And, things may take a lot longer than you expe



Dedicated to Stack Exchange / StackOverflow.


  1. Stackoverflow
    • How to rename files and folder in Amazon S3?

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