SQL Server – Identify Indexed Views


Wanted to identify Indexed Views and took a look at sys.views to see if it exposes a guiding attribute.  But, No.


Looked on the Net and found a good track.


  1. Look for views in sys.views
  2. Perform an inner join against sys.indexes



            = tblSS.[name]
              + '.'
              + tblSV.[name]

        , [index]
            = tblSI.[name]

        , [indexType]
            = tblSI.[type_desc]

from   sys.views tblSV

inner join sys.schemas tblSS

    on tblSV.schema_id = tblSS.schema_id

inner join sys.indexes tblSI

    on tblSV.object_id = tblSI.object_id

order by
      , [index]

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