AWS – Email – SES – Send Email – Thunderbird Configuration


Now that I have received and responded back to AWS/SES email validation, it is time to go back and validate my Outgoing SMTP Server.

Earlier Notes

Here are some earlier notes :-

  1. AWS – Email – “Error Sending Mail – Message Reject : Email address is not verified. The following identities failed the check in region




Here is how to configure Mozilla’s Thunderbird to use an AWS/SES SMTP Server to send email.


  1. Review Validation Email for Sender
    • Note exact email address
    • Click on validation link
  2. Access the Account Settings panel
    • Account Settings panel
      • Email Address
        • Please use the exact email address that was verified
        • Remember it is Linux and case-sensitive
    •  Outgoing Server ( SMTP )
      • Server Name
        • Region Specific SMTP Server Name
          • US West 2
      • Port Number
        • 587
      • Connection Security
        • STARTTLS
      • Authentication Method
        • Normal Password
      • Username
        • Enter the username assigned to you by AWS/SES

Sender Email Address Validation

Sample Emails

Here are sample validation emails :-

Dear Amazon Web Services Customer,

We have received a request to authorize this email address for use with Amazon SES and Amazon Pinpoint in region US West (Oregon). If you requested this verification, please go to the following URL to confirm that you are authorized to use this email address:


  1. Email’s body
    • Please not Identity.IdentityName
      • This is the name that will be specified as your sender


Account Settings


Outgoing – Mail – Configuration

SMTP Server



  1. Amazon
    • AWS
      • SES
        • AWS Documentation » Amazon SES Documentation » Developer Guide » Sending Email with Amazon SES » Sending Your Email with Amazon SES » Using the Amazon SES SMTP Interface to Send Email » Configuring Email Clients to Send Through Amazon SES
          Configuring Email Clients to Send Through Amazon SES
        • AWS Documentation » Amazon SES Documentation » Developer Guide » Regions and Amazon SES

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