Bad Health Report

On to Work

Went to work in the rain last Wednesday.

As I made it a block away from work saw J speaking to my friend.

They were deep in conversation and I decided to go be a busy body.

Upon Meeting Up

Upon meeting up with them, J committed our friend to me.

And, the friend told me about the calls he has been receiving from the clinic.

He said it has just been one bad news after another.

And, he wondered aloud why they keep telling him these things.

Things he did not want to hear, not out of not caring, but out of helplessness.


Anything for him

I asked if I could do anything for him, and he said he needed a few dollars to get on the train.  That was easy enough.  The Bank is only a couple of streets over.

Next Day

The next day came soon enough.   J and I caught up.

And, he asked if I saw our friend that day.

I said not yet.  And, so he continued that our friend’s mother came by and saw our friend and was able to, as he said it, talk some sense to him.

Great Blessing

The great reward of our lives is that each day God has to have these tough conversations with its creation.  Selectively we do get to listen in.

As my years in Stephen Ministry teaches me, not talk.  But, listen.

As the end draws nearer we are reminded of what we will miss the most; this flesh and dry bones.

The look on each other faces.  The musky and dry breath of coffee.

And, the strong whiff of freshly eaten burger.

See The Lord

One thing we all ask is to the see the Lord in the land of the Living.
And, see the Living in the the Land of the Lord.
( Psalm 27:23 )

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