Angel Tree – 2018 – Chapter 03


It is Sunday and back in the House of worship.

In between services wanted to get in another chapter.

The Church

I recollect the words of William Temple sharing that the “The Church is the only institution that exists primarily for the benefit of those who are not its members.”

And, there is a lot of truth in that.

Angel Tree

There are many things Angel Tree share with other ministries.


Yet, as a Prison Ministry it interconnects those shut in with their loved ones on the outside.

It allows them to recommit to their family in the following ways :-

  1. Grand Parents
    • As I have said before it is the Grandparents that are raising most of the children left behind
    • And, in some cases they improvise when the Angels ask about their parents.  They say they are away making money
    • Little Gifts in the names of the parents help further the stories and fable
    • And, in little ways the children will share something in common with their cousins and friends
  2. Present Parent
    • It is very hard being a Single Parent
    • And, they need a second affirming voice, as well



The ministry Administrators includes the following :-

  1. Prison Clergy
  2. Volunteers who prepare the database of the shut-in and their Angels and assign that list to Churches



I am more familiar with the Churches and the part they play.

As often been said, it is the women of the Church who do most of the work.

Here is some of that work :-

  1. Desire to Listen
    • A desire to call the receiving family and ask about the children well being
    • Ask about their hurt and needs
    • Try to encapsulate those needs into concrete gifts
  2. Scoped Adoption
    • Their is sometimes a scoped adoption, as well
    • In some cases, these mothers look for children who share the same age with their children
    • In doing so they do for others as they do for theirs; and as they hope someone else will do for their children
    • With the children partnering, accosted to us is just not the person who picked an Angel, but a family line
  3. Abiding Prayer
    • When gifts are delivered it is hoped that the delivers will go in and fellowship with the receivers.
    • These days people are hesitant to go into other people homes.
    • And, so here we are with people wanting to participate, but they are not sure how deeply to step in and connect
    • Thus they sent others in
    • But, as community of faith, they they do not send them in with gifts
    • But, heavy in prayer with souls intertwined and spirits enjoined



As the second service started, the man who brought me into this ministry drove in with his wife.  He was sure to bring his wife unto the Church’s doorstep and waited on her to climb the stairs.

He handed her off to me as I held her hand and walked up those few stairs.

I grew up on the sister’s states to his.  They met at a military base on the next state over.

The quietness of the man.  The gentility of his spirit.

The hidden-ness that allows others to safely bring themselves up behind him.  And, understand that to serve there is need for brokenness and consecration.

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