Angel Tree – 2018 – Chapter 01


Wanted to start journaling our experience with Angel Tree 2018.

Two Daughters

I called a caretaker and inquired about her three grand children.  She confirmed the gift requests and we were good.

Before moving on to the next family on our list, I noticed that she is the matriarch of that family as well.

As I brought up her other’s daughter name, she broke into tears.

I was really touched that she there was so much welled up inside her.

I asked if there was a distinct prayer request and she answered NO.

She continued that she just wanted things to be well.

Later I went to the bank and got a Bank Certified Check.

It is beyond me the struggle inherent in having two daughters away from the solitude of family.

Mother at the Hospital

Upon calling one of the mothers on our list, discovered she was not home, but she said I could meet with her a few cities over.

Drove up there and was surprised the address is an Hospital.

Went to meet with her at the Emergency Unit.

First thing she said is to thank the son’s father on her behalf.

She shared same sentiment over and over.

She has the sweetest 4 year old boy.

And, I asked him to take care of his mother.

All of his ages he will try to do so; it was all in his eyes, and face.

It is on him to try.

But, more on us to make sure that we do not place stumbling road blocks in his path.

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