When our eye never meet

Friday – Nov 9th


It started a week ago this past Friday for me.  My cousin emailed me to let me know that his parents house was one of the ones that burnt down.


Wednesday – Nov 14th

Young Man on a Bike

As I walked to lunch a young man pulled up besides with me.  We were both waiting for a changed light.

Don’t do so much these days, but this time I intentionally lifted up my head and we exchanged greetings.  He took up courage and asked whether I have a few dollars to spare.

I replied that I do not carry cash, but he can come up with me to the Popeyes that is standing in the City Square.  He agreed to do so.  He on his bike and I walking a bit ahead of him.

We only went twenty meters when he volunteered that he will rather go to a Pizza Store that was close enough for him to point to.

Pizza, Chicken Wings, and Soda.

And, that was that.



Made my way to Popeyes and was able to get a nice seafood dish.

Two Pieces


Later an older man came in and asked for how much two pieces of chickens will cost.  And, how much three pieces will, as well.

The cashier told him and he started walking away.

I plodded him to go ahead and get what he wants as I have him.


As I went to the open court area and started eating my meal.

Another older man came up and asked for money.

I said I did not have cash, but will get him something to eat.

Upon getting there, he asked for fishes; six pieces.

As they are only packaged in three pieces that meant two orders.


Friday – Nov 16th

Twice in One Day

Yesterday, Friday, morning was interesting.

A train broke down and was stuck on the tracks; that meant we have to get on our initial train, off board at a station, get on a bus, ride through cities during commute hours, make our way off the bus, and get back on train.

All the on and off got me close enough to work and I opted to take the scenic route; at least get to see and walk by the waters.


Young Salvadoran Man

As I enjoyed my free air solitude, picked up a walk mate along the way.

We became quick friends.

He had a good word for me.  And, that is “I like it that you speak to everyone“.

He continued he is :-

Unable to do so as he grew up in a small village in El Salvador.

And, ate corn all day. 

Everyone was poor and lived without work.

Everyone knows each other

And, never developed the grace of saying little nothings

We bade our good byes and he went his way and I went mine.

Another Young Man


Having had my morning walk I saw it fit to treat myself to a cake from Starbucks.

As I made myself inside Starbucks, a young man stood five meters from the door.

He whispered that he wanted “Banana Nut bread“.  Later he asked for two of them.

He got his two loaves of bread and I had my good work of the day as thanksgiving for the kinds words given me by the Salvadorian.

In an earlier posting I spoke of receiving two hours from another man who encouraged me towards AWS.

By the way that post is here.


Whole Foods

Like the book of Luke, my day is full of foods.

And, so for lunch took the laptop and headed for Whole Foods.

Gary giving me two hours ran my laptop battery down.

And, so I realized I needed my Laptop Charger.

Don’ t blame me, who wants to spend the an entire day around boring techies.

Got a nice lunch at Whole Foods and sat down to eat.

Half way through a young man came up and asked whether I can get him a coffee refill.  He said it was only a dollar.

We made our way to the counter.

But, he changed his mind and said he actually wanted something to eat.

And, I replied that he should go get what he wanted and come back and get me once he is ready to pay.

He came back and said he wanted Rotisserie Chicken and Bananas.

We picked out the Chicken and he already had Bananas.

As we were paying and I was having the Grocery Clerk know that we wanted bags, double bagged, he looked at me and said he was the same man who I brought “Banana Nut Bread” for earlier.



For the good of the world we share, we are not handed free bags where we live.

For the good of our relationship, we let people know when we get back in line and ask for seconds.

Due to our prayer towards daily provisioning, God does not send us away.


Mark 6

  1.  31Then, because so many people were coming and going that they did not even have a chance to eat, he said to them, “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.”
  2. 32 So they went away by themselves in a boat to a solitary place.
  3. 34 When Jesus landed and saw a large crowd, he had compassion on them, because they were like sheep without a shepherd. So he began teaching them many things.

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