Got out just in time


Gary and I went out for a coffee break after he had helped troubleshoot an issue I was experiencing.

He had just given me two valuable hours showing me his collection of Kindle Books.

As we walk to his coffee shop, he shared one interesting story after another.



Having to move

Things were good until he discovered that it had stopped raining.

Year after year, no rain.

And, he thought to himself I am out of here.  I need to be by the ocean.

A man with means, home and properties.

But, it dawned on him he might as well move before everyone else gave in.



His chosen destination is a city known for AWS.

Every job he applied for needed AWS & Python.

Out of work, man must walk.


Loss for Gain

Those two cities losses is our gain.

That is, until the fires started.

One is set a couple of hundred miles above us.

The other is in Paradise a few hundred miles below us.



Peter Bradley Adams – The Longer I run

Video :- Link

When my blood runs warm with the warm red wine
I miss the life that I left behind
But when I hear the sound of the blackbirds cry
I know I left in the nick of time

If I wander til I die
May I know who’s hand I’m in
If my home I’ll never find
And let me live again


In a life hard enough

In which few are able to get out in and on time

It is good for good hearted men & women to share their own stories about getting out before having to feel guilty from just barely making it out


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