Ending it all.

Bearing the news

I ran into a friend this weekend.

He tapped my shoulders and fessed that I might not see him much longer.

He continued that he is thinking of ending it all.

He caught my attention and I looked him straight.

My look must have betrayed my feeling.

The immediacy of my thinking as to why.

He responded that he has AIDS.  His HIV had transformed into full blown Aids.

He furthered that he takes 24 pills a day.

Sharing the news

He said he called his mum and told her there was no more reason to stay here, alive.

And, that the next world must be better than this one.

He spoke of being so dispirited as he opens up and shares the news.

And, how the part that pains him the most is how people kept him at bay and how they no longer wanted to shake his hands.

Yes, some people embraced him.  But, they did not want “Skin to Skin” contact.


Losing the Glow

He spoke of being destruct.

The only thing he felt good about is keeping AIDS at Bay.

But, now that his HIV status has transitioned to full AIDS he no longer even has that.

I asked him how he found out and he said that he knew something was wrong has he started losing weight and that he has already lost 50.


Listening to

  1. Blaine Larsen
    • Blaine Larsen – How Do You Get That Lonely
  2. Ronan Keating
    • When you say nothing at all



I like it when there is nothing to say.

I have another friend, Michael, who has AIDS, as well.

And, he always reminds me of “Perfect Love“.

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