Tom Holland – Critique of Religion



  1. Did the Quran come from God?
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      • Historian Tom Holland interview
        Historian Tom Holland Author, ‘In the Shadow of the Sword’.
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        Channel :- Moneer Cherie
        Date Published :- 2017-Nov-29th
        Demoted On :- 2019-April-28th
      • Video #2
        Channel :- Tom Holland Archive
        Published On  :- 2016-June-21st
        Added On :- 2019-April-28th
  2. Origins of Islam
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      • Tom Holland Where did Islam come from? The story of how it came to be established across a vast empire stretching from the Atlantic to the frontiers of China is conventionally traced back to the charisma and inspiration of a single man: Muhammad. But his story was not written until 200 years later. Join historian Tom Holland who has received death threats for challenging the long-held origins of Islam.
    • Channel :- Rancho Mirage Writers Festival
    • Date Published :- 2017-Feb-17th
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Did the Quran come from God?

  1. Source
    • God or Culture
      • Persian and Roman in 7th Century
      • Has stories borrowed from Roman, Christian folk tales
      • Christian
        • Moses
        • Virgin Mary
      • Alexander the Great
    • Why it matters
      • If not from God, then one has to understand it in human terms
      • Historian of Antiquity
      • Seem Rigor
      • If not becoming a Muslim and dealing in Theology and not in History
  2. Needs
    • The people of the time needed a backdrop of religion to bind together what was happening
    • Binding Philosophy
    • Anything that happens is seen as coming from God
    • Arabs said too themselves “What is going on
    • The process the writing got shaped into religion
  3. Christianity & Islam
    • Born out of same melting point
  4. In the West
    • 1970 and 1980s


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