SQL Server Backup & Performance Counters


Experiencing  longer than expected Production to Development environment backup and restore cycles.

Wanted to capture performance metrics.


Here are metrics we will consider:

  1. Ongoing Monitoring
    • MS Windows Performance Monitor ( perfmon )
  2. Summary
    • SQL Server Statement

Performance Monitor ( perfmon )



  1. SQL Server / Backup Device
    • Device Throughput Bytes/sec
  2. SQL Server, Databases
    • Backup/Restore Throughput/sec


Object Counter
SQL Server, Backup Device Object
Device Throughput Bytes/sec Throughput of read and write operations (in bytes per second) for a backup device used when backing up or restoring databases. This counter exists only while the backup or restore operation is executing.
SQL Server, Databases Object
Backup/Restore Throughput/sec Read/write throughput for backup and restore operations of a database per second. For example, you can measure how the performance of the database backup operation changes when more backup devices are used in parallel or when faster devices are used. Throughput of a database backup or restore operation allows you to determine the progress and performance of your backup and restore operations.

Select Metrics


Selection – SQLServer:Databases


Selection – SQLServer:Backup Device


Captured Metrics

Captured Metrics

Image – 01


Image – 02


Image – 03


Backup Statement Output


Output #1




  1. Physical Disk/Disk Writes/sec divided ( / ) by Physical Disk/Avg. Disk Bytes/sec
    • Disk Writes/sec
  2. SQLServer:databases Backup/Resource throughput/sec Versus Physical Disk/Disk Writes/sec
    • Likely SQLServer:databases Backup/resource Throughput/sec will be a multiplier of the Physical Disk/Disk Writes/sec.


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