Jonathan Wilson Hartgrove


  1. Faith Beyond Franchise
    Jonathan Wilson Hartgrove discussing the danger of the technique of franchising the gospel versus incarnating God’s presence together in the particularity of the neighborhood.
    Channel :- Parish Collective
    Date Published :- 2014-Feb-21st
  2. Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove – Oklahoma Christian Q&A
    Minister, author, and New Monastic leader Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove spoke at Oklahoma Christian University in September 2013. During Jonathan’s visit, he sat down with OC president John deSteiguer to talk about ministry, the wisdom of stability, and their identical hairstyles.
    Channel :- OklahomaChristian
    Date Published :- 2013-Nov-13th
  3. 2015-02-22 – The Rev. Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove
    February 22, 2015: The Rev. Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove’s sermon from the first Sunday in Lent. Jonathan directs the School for Conversion, a nonprofit that has grown out of the life of Rutba House to pursue beloved community with kids in their neighborhood, through classes in North Carolina prisons, and in community-based education around the country. Jonathan is also an Associate Minister at St. Johns Missionary Baptist Church.
    Channel :- StAndrewsBurke
    Date Published :- 2016-Mar-11th
  4. Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove (Talk 1) 2015 Young Adult Forum
    Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove’s first talk for Bethany Theological Seminary’s 2015 Young Adult Forum, “Anabaptism, the Next Generation.” To learn more about the Young Adult Forum and Jonathan see our website:
    Channel :- BethanySeminary
    Date Published :- 2015-May-08th
  5. Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove on The Awakening of Hope
    An interview with author, speaker and new monastic Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove about his new book, The Awakening of Hope: Why We Practice a Common Faith. Fore more, visit the Patheos Book Club:…
    Channel :- Deborah Arca
    Date Published :- 2012-July-31st
  6. Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove on Surprising Friendships
    Jonathan Wilson Hartgrove speaks on surprising friendships. In honor of its tenth anniversary, the Center for Reconciliation hosted a series of lectures entitled Reconciliation Conversations: Parts of the Whole. The goal of the series is to explore the idea of reconciliation and what it means in the life of a Christian from a variety of perspectives and to open up important conversations not only here among the faculty at Duke Divinity School, but also in the broader Durham community. Rev. Dr. Allan Boesak, Desmond Tutu Chair of Peace, Global Justice, and Reconciliation Studies at Christian Theological Seminary and Butler University, gave a lecture entitled “Chasing Rainbows in the Rainbow Nation: Reconciliation, Justice and the Challenge of Politics.” Author and activist Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove and Duke Divinity MDiv student and co-leader of STAR (Students Thinking Theologically About Reconciliation) Cory O’Neal offered responses. Interim Dean Ellen Davis moderated the event.



  1. Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove – Oklahoma Christian Q&A
    • Homeless
    • Community
      • Homeless
        • Decision Point
          • What we are going to eat
      • Jean Vernier
        • People come to community because they want to help the poor.  They stay in community, because they realize they are the poor
      • Concrete place to learn love of God; not just as a conviction but through experience received
    • Forgiveness
      • People you have given yourself to, you have failed them, as well
      • You promise to be there, but you were not
      • You did this and it hurt me.  But, I forgive you
      • And, I am willing to forgive you.  That is the gospel.  And, it is an incredible thing; because it is freeing.
      • Gift of community has made  it very real
    • Stability
      • Self Honesty
    • Knowing God
    • Interruption
      • Pay attention to the interruption
      • I was trying to become a politician for Jesus
  2. 2015-02-22 – The Rev. Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove
    • My recovery will never be complete until I help heal the society that made me sick
    • These are the deserts for those before you

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