Thamo Naidoo – The Mantle of Changing Season


  1. Thamo Naidoo – The Mantle of Changing Season
    • Profiles
      • The journey of the Israelites in the wilderness is a type and shadow of the journey of the church from the Orthodox, to the Pentecostal, to the Charismatic, to the present day Apostolic season.
      • The purpose of these teachings is to sensitize the believer to the unfolding plans of God.
      • It is a study for the building of the tabernacle, that provides an example of the dynamic process of the development that reaches its consummate manifestation in Jesus Christ.
    •  Videos
      • Part 1
      • Part 3
        • Video #1
          Channel :- ApostolicGate  Media
          Published On:- 2017-March-23



  1. Thamo Naidoo – The Mantle of Changing Season
    • Part 3
      • Joseph to Barnabas
        • Worry if we can get certain things
        • Watch Investment
        • Know how to give without the fear of thinking you are losing
      • Leah
        • Watery eyes
          • See through Spiritual eye
          • Not look at things in the natural world
          • Hoping that it will connect her to her husband
      • Sons Names
        • Reuben
          • See me
        • Simeon
          • Hear me
        • Levi
          • Change His Heart towards me
      • God is governed by fore knowledge
        • Taking your people out of Egypt will be no problem
        • Free will
          • Volition thinking
          • Spirit of God led me
        • Stay
          • Still in the wilderness for 40 years
          • God problem is not Egypt
          • They will die
          • My words will be proven to be a lie
        • Preserve
          • Preserve my people
          • Faithless, rebellious
        • Sun
          • Sun scorning
        • Man
          • Man that will not be governed by the sun
        • So connected to heaven
          • A man that will always run to God first
        • Allow
          • Allow your Sight
            • Issac
              • Well of the Living God which sees everything


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