The Koch Brothers



  1. Charles Koch: Humility, integrity more important than talent
    • Video
      On ‘The Kelly File,’ the CEO discusses his upbringing, strategies for building a successful company Watch Megyn Kelly on The Kelly File.
      Channel:- Fox News
      Published On:- 2015-Oct-10th
  2. Good Profit
    • Part 1
      Charles Koch discusses his journey, from engaging in manual labor as a youth to attending MIT and working as a consultant. Having learned the principles of classical liberalism through his education and work, he now applies those principles to building and managing Koch Industries. He attributes much of his success to creating value for others and operating with integrity.
      Channel:- HooverInstitution
      Recorded On:- 2016-March-18th
      Published on:- 2016-April-14th

    • Part 2
  3. Billionaire Charles Koch on fighting in the political arena
    He’s a controversial figure in the world of business and political funding. In a rare TV appearance the industrialist and conservative advocate Charles Koch talks to Anthony Mason about his political philosophy, the Tea Party, and his reasons for spending hundreds of millions of dollars to influence elections.
    Channel:- CBS Sunday Morning
    Published on:- 2015-Oct-11th
  4. Charles Koch: Political System ‘Rigged,’ But Not By Me
    Conservative billionaire Charles Koch weighs in on the 2016 presidential race in an exclusive interview with ABC’s Jonathan Karl.
    Channel:- ABC News
    Published on:- 2016-April-24th




Good Part

Good Part – 2

    1. Starts with Value
    2. Challenge
      • If you don’t charge your boss, you will be fired
    3. Values
      • Do you have integrity?
      • Courage
    4. Improve Safety
    5. Improve Environment Goals
    6. If you don’t know what is on your customer’s refrigerator door, then you don’t know your customer
    7. Trucks versus Pipeline
    8. We will do whatever it takes …
    9. Building with stones that fits


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