Mother in Training ( MIT )

Yesterday was a good day.

I drove about two hours to come out and support a friend whose mother passed a week or so ago.

The event was very good and one of the things I remembered is the founding Pastor saying that as he was preparing to step down as the Lead Pastor what he wanted most from his designee is a pledge to be just as attentive to the senior members has he was.

The service itself lasted over two hours.  Later I asked one of the members why so long.  He replied that they really do celebrate the “Life of …”.

Later we visited the home of my friend’s mother.

Everything was together and coordinated.

As we were preparing to wrap up I noticed the ladies doing most of the work.  Some were inside helping with the food.

As one who sat outside, I was more observant of the ladies that were serving and tending to the senior flock outside.

The grace, depth, and the quick wit of their conversation is what stays with me yet even this morning.

They folded up the chairs, drew down the campers, and gathered up the table clothes.

In this particular group, there were three ladies.

I heard one of them refer to the one that was the “Lead” as the MIT.  I looked at them puzzled as to why she was being called MIT.  They noticed my bewilderment and asked if I knew what MIT meant and I replied yes.

Stating it meant Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  She replied No.  And, offered that it meant “Mother in Training“.

Being one who weighs words, I have tried to picture those words many applicability.

I think the first association that I drew was that the lead is preparing to be a senior citizen, as well.  Culturally being elderly is sometimes associated with having earned the rights to be needy and directive.

In essence it is a “Word Play” lazily directed at my new friend, “The Lead“.

Longer term it will resonate with all those called to mother younger people in society, places of worship and honor.

And what a privilege that is.

Twice I asked her how they enjoin the togetherness and harmony with each other.  Knowing me I likely asked in different ways.

And, both times she answered affirmatively that it is through surrender to our Lord and Savior.  She continued that when things starts to go sideways she asks herself that this likely not how her savior will navigate this journey; and that eases her to turn over the wheel.

They dialogue within the group, hear each other truths, and allow the Spirit to witness and bring them to where HE IS.

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