fisql – Seeing “Carriage Return”


Received email pasted below.

The email indicates that we are seeing Carriage Return in the output of one of unix scripts.


Email Image


Email Text

 end as f6

,case len(rtrim(ltrim(appt_title_code_name)) + rtrim(ltrim(emp_primary_title)))  ^M^[[A^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[K

when 0 then null

when null then null

else rtrim(ltrim(emp_primary_title)) + ' - ' + rtrim(ltrim(appt_title_code_name) ^M)

Trouble Shooting

Reviewed the script and saw that it uses fisql.

Dug into the SQL and did not see anything amiss.

Editor ( vi )

Hidden Characters

Launched vi and asked for hidden characters to be shown.

BTW the command is “:set list”

Again, Nada.

Line Length

Finally noticed that the offending line length is longer than others.


In your SQL file, please make sure that each line’s length is within 80.


    • fisql
      • fisql (1) – Linux Man Pages

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