AWS – Access Key & Security Key



As the AWS Ecosystem continues to grow it’s security authentication mechanisms continues to swell, as well.


Our Instance

Unfortunately various services need various authentication pathways.

For instance, own own implementation requires:

  1. User credentials
    • Multi-factor Authentication
  2. IAM Roles



Here I am trying to use a tool and it is asking me for the “AWS access key” and “AWS secret key

app_AccessKey_20180606_0729PM [brushedup].png



To review or get a new Access Key and Security key, please do the following:


  1. Launch browser
  2. Connect to IAM
    • Generic
      • IAM Home Page
    • Region
      • Region :- US West
  3. Click on the Users hyperlink
    • In case, you do not see your users
      • Please make sure that you are in right Region
      • Also make sure that you are not switched into Role
  4. Access the “Security Credentials” tab
  5. Review the listed “Access Keys
    • In my case did not have Access Keys listed
  6. Created Accessed Key
    • Clicked on the “Create Access key” button
    • Access Keys was generated
      • Noted the Access Key ID & Secret Access Key
      • Downloaded the csv file which contains the generate Key


Screen Shot

IAM Management Console



Users ( Switched to role )

users_role_20180606_1100PM [brushedup].png

Users ( As Self )


Users – [Username] – Security Credentials


Create(d) access key

CreateAccessKey_20180606 (brushedup).png



Crediting BitTitan …

BitTitan :- How do I get an access key for Amazon S3?

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