Pastor Phillip Pointer



  1. Pastor Phillip Pointer Sr Winning The Battle With Bitterness 03 15 15
  2. A friend called enemy


A friend called enemy

Part – 01

  1. God is never recognizable, but he must be revealed.

Part – 02

  1. The same way God takes care of me is how I take care of these sheeps
  2. A sheep is handicap
    • Stupidity
      • Dull sheep
      • Dumb and Stupid animal
  3. Restores my soul
  4. Reputational
    • You knew the quality of the Shepard based on the condition of the Shepard
  5. verses
    • Verse 1 thru 3
    • Verse 4

Part – 03

  1. Oil
    • Healing Oil
    • Breathing
      • Breathing oil to open up breathing passages
      • God might not change things, but will change you
    • Preventive
      • Snakes in the grass
        • Snake Repellent
          • May be you are not struggling today, but may be tomorrow
    • Season of abundance


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