DBeaver – Generate SQL Insert Statements from Data

Script SQL Insert Statement from Data

Using SQL Server Management Studio ( SSMS), I entered quite a bit of data into a new table.

Not wanting to ever repeat that arduous process, I sought out tools that will allow me to script out the data.


Script Data

Yes, BCP will work, but I will be scripting out the data and will not be getting the SQL Statements.


Script SQL


Download and Install

Downloaded and Installed DBeaver.

BTW, here is the link.

Launched App

Installed Microsoft SQL Server JDBC Driver

Using built-in tooling added Microsoft’s SQL Server JDBC Driver.

Enter SQL

In DBeaver, launched new “SQL Editor”.

Entered the Query:

SELECT RoleID, RoleName

FROM   dbo.listofServerRoles tblSR



Capture SQL

To capture the SQL, select all the records you will like scripted.

Then choose the menu items, “Generate SQL” and “Insert”.

Generated SQL


There are some shortcomings in DBeaver’s implementation.

I will cover the shortcomings and workarounds in a later post.

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