Brett Archibald, Miracle At Sea



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  1. Everyone had given up on him, but not his wife and not this man named Doris
  2. It is impossible that I survive what I went through
  3. Anita
    • A son, husband, a brother.  He is an amazing man.
  4. Anita
    • Anita received an early morning visit
    • We have the boat, we just don’t have your husband
    • The bottom of my world dropped out
  5. Brett
    • Last 12 to 14 hours, before my mate come back for me
  6. Tony Eltherington
    • Doris
    • A life lived in and on the sea thought him one lesson
      • Never leave anyone behind
    • It is not the Australia way to give up
    • If it was one of us out there..
    • Let us give it a go
  7. Brett
    • Figure this thing out
  8. Brett / Sanity
    • Everyone of my mate will come down, reach out to me
    • And, I will reach my hand out to them
  9. Tony
    • It is way too early to give up on anyone
  10. Search and Recovery or Search and Rescue
    • We might just be looking for a body
  11. Drown
    • 28 hours in the water
    • Gave up and tried to drown
    • Drowning will be beautiful
  12.  Anita
    • It is a miracle that they found him
    • It is a radical, radical story
    • That he is here is divine intervention
    • I made a Altar
    • Three white candles burning
  13. Tony
    • There was no way I was going to give up
  14.  Anita
    • I am the luckiest girl alive
    • What do you say to someone who has giving you everything you want
    • I only want my husband, my daughter, and my son
    • How can I ever say Thank you
    • I need to give
      • I need to give the man who found my husband a hug
  15. Tony
    • I have only had 10 years with this beautiful woman
    • My two little kids, they are too young to be without their father



Dedicated to the Aussie Team of Tony Eltherington, Simon Cowell, Geoff Fiddler, and Colin Shannon.

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