Microsoft/Movie Maker – Prepping Videos


Hopefully this post will help people who are trying to share a video with others, but are not so sure how to go about it.


  1. If you do not have a Video Editing tool, download and install one
  2. Download an online video
  3. Make a backup copy of it
  4. Use Movie Maker
    • Launch Movie Maker or another video editing tool
    • Start a new project
    • Import the video you downloaded earlier
    • Wait for the Import to complete
    • Play the video
    • During playing of the movie use editing tools
      • Set Start and End Point



Windows Essentials

Download Windows Essentials

Movie Maker is bundled as part of “Windows Essentials“.

Unfortunately that product is no longer available nor supported by Microsoft.

Having said that Microsoft Essentials 2012 is still available for download.

Here are working urls:

  1. Windows Essentials 2012
    • English ( United States )
    • English ( United Kingdom )

Install Windows Essentials

Screen Shot

What do you want to install?


Select Programs to install?





Download Online Video

There are quite a bit of tools that allows one to download from YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Inclusive are:

  2. ConvertTo

Just launch a browser go to the URL (

Video URL and Conversion Format ( Original )

Enter the URL of the video source that you will like downloaded.

And, choose the “Conversion Format“.

The format that works for Microsoft Movie Maker are:

  1. Movie ( MOV )

Video URL and Conversion Format ( Choices Made )


Please press the “Continue” button to confirm your choices.


Media Detected

The tool connects to the Video’s web site an performs a quick analysis of the video’s quality and size.



Please click start to start the processing.


Conversion Completed


Please click the “Download” button.


Backup downloaded video

Please make a backup of the downloaded video.


Movie Maker Processing

Launch Movie Maker

Add downloaded video

Click the “Add Video and photos” button.


It will take a while for the imported video to finish processing.

Thankfully, Movie Maker has a nice status bar that informs us of the progress in terms of percentile complete.

Play Movie

Once import is completed, we are able to play the movie.

Production Room

In this initial post, we will only talk about the simplest splicing option and that is to utilize the Edit, Set Start and End Points.


Set Start and End Points

Please play the movie and click on “Set Start Point” when you are the point where you want to start your clipping.

And, let it rip.

Click on “Set End Point” once complete.


Save Movie

Please click on “Save Movie” once you are good.

As we are destined for “You Tube” we chose “YouTube” from the many formats available.


Upload Video

Please go to YouTube.

Login to your channel.

And, access the upload button.



It is often better to keep the Default Sharing Mode of Private.

Once you have played back a couple of times and you are sure this is the version that you want to keep and share, please change to Public or Unlisted.



  1. Windows Support
    • Edit movies in Movie Maker
  2. Mark Cersosimo
    • Video 101: Trimming & Cutting with Windows Live Movie Maker


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