WordPress – Post – Convert to PDF Document


Recently I wrote a document using WordPress.

Really should have used Google Docs as the document is really too big for WordPress.

Besides, Google Docs has much nicer and accessible Convert to other document formats options.


Too late

Too late to cry over spilled milk.

Besides, it is only Monday and like Bangles Tuesdays are my fun day.



Would rather have the document as Doc or Docx, as in Word for Windows.

But, for now having as a PDF will get me halfway.


Convert To PDF


Here are some options for converting the document to PDF.

  1. printFriendly
    • Web Site
    • Chrome Extension
      • Print Friendly & PDF
  2.  wk<html>topdf
    • Links



printfriendly – web site

  1. Please go here
  2. Enter the URL you will like captured
Screen Shots

print Friendly & PDF – Chrome Extension

  1. Launch Chrome
  2. Access Extension
    • Visit here 
    • Or google for “print friendly chrome extension
Screen Shots




Script – MS Windows

set "_folderApp=C:\Program Files\wkhtmltopdf\bin"
set "_appName=wkhtmltopdf.exe"

set "_appNameFull=%_folderApp%\%_appName%"

set "_url=http://biblehub.com/numbers/11-15.htm"
set "_title=c:\temp\linopen.pdf"

"%_appNameFull%" %_url%  %_title%


Dedicating to Traffic Generation Cafe, as they pointed me to the PrintFriendly.com

How to Convert Blog Post Into PDF

What makes PrintFriendly so awesome?



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