Microsoft – “On-premises data gateway” – Upgrade


Documenting the steps we took to upgrade our Power BI “on premise data gateway“.


The need to upgrade was based on notification by MSFT.

Upon visiting Microsoft’s Power Web site ( ), the requester saw this notification:



Your On-premises data gateway version is older than August 2017.

This version might use TLS 1.0 protocol, which is being disabled on March 15th, 2018.

Please upgrade your On-premises data gateway to the latest version.


Please download the latest version of On-premises data gateway.

The name of the installer is GatewayInstall.exe

As of today, 2018-Feb-8th, here is the link.

The detail on the current version is:

  1. Version # 14.16.6524.1
  2. Date Published :- 1/22/2018


The steps for installing and registering the clients are:

  1. Install Client on local computer
  2. Connect to PowerBI.Com with email address
  3. Register Client

Client Installation


  1. Reminder before you install
    • Guideline
      • Computer that is always on and not asleep
      • The gateway will perform more slowly on a wireless network
  2. Install Location
    • Target folder
    • Accept term of use
  3. Choose the Type of gateway you need
    • Available choices are
      • On Premises data gateway ( recommended )
      • On Premises data gateway ( personal )
  4. Installing…
  5. Prepare for registration
    • Email Address to use for registration


Reminder before you install

Getting ready to install the on-premises data gateway

Choose the Type of gateway you need


Installation was successful




  1. Launch Web Browser
  2. Enter the URL into the address bar






  1. Register a new gateway or Re-use existing existing gateway
    • Options
      • Register a new gateway on this computer
      • Migrate, restore, or takeover an existing gateway
  2. Migrate, restore, or takeover an existing gateway
    • Available gateway clusters
      • Choose from available gateway clusters
    • Available gateways
      • Choose gateway
    • Recovery Key
      • Enter “Recovery key


Register a new Gateway or Migrate/Restore/Or Takeover Existing Gateway

Migrate, Restore, or takeover an existing gateway


  1. Microsoft
    • On-premises data gateway



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