Windows SDK For Windows 7 – Installation


Once again, I will be the first to admit most of what I post is someone else’s thought that I wanted to place in the public space.

Here is one that really perplexed me for a few days.


Microsoft GACUtil.exe


I wanted to get a copy of Microsoft’s GACUtil.exe.

The premise is that I have a failing Application and wanted to be sure that all the required . Net modules are in GAC ( C:\Windows\assembly )

Once .Net 4.0 is installed on a machine, we are unable to launch Explorer and simple copy the DLL over; we have to use GACUtil or an Application.


Install Options

To install GACUtil.exe on a Windows 7 machine, there are a couple of choices.

Inclusive are:

  • Windows SDK For Windows 7
  • Windows Visual Studio
    • Installshield Project


Windows SDK for Windows 7 ( Attempt # 1)

Download ISO and Prepare Install Files

Download “Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7 and .NET Framework 3.5 SP1” ISO from :-

  1. Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7 and .NET Framework 3.5 SP1
  2. Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7 and .NET Framework 4 (ISO)


Mount the downloaded ISO or extract using 7-Zip.


Folder Layout



Run Installer

Run setup.exe to initiate the installer.


Install Steps


Some components cannot be installed.

Some Windows SDK components required the RTM .Net Framework 4.

Setup detected a pre-release version of the .Net Framework.

If you continue with Setup, these components will not be installed.

If you want these components, click Cancel, then install the .Net Framework 4.





We are been told that a pre-release version of .Net Framework 4 is installed.





End-User License Agreement



Install Locations



Installation Options



  1. .Net Development
    • From the screen above, we can see that the “.Net Development” feature is not available


Installation Options – .Net Development


  1. .Net Development
    • If we try to select “.Net Development”, we are told
      • This feature is disabled because required .Net Framework is not installed

.Net Framework 4.x.y – Uninstall

Programs & Features

Launched Control Panel, Program and Features to review versions of .Net Framework 4 installed.

Uninstalling Microsoft .Net 4.0 proved to be along and punishing endeavor; and worthy of separate posts.

Root Cause

  1. Microsoft .Net 4.7.1
    • With Microsoft .Net 4.7.1 Microsoft broke with earlier .Net 4 installers.  That breakage has the side effect of having “Windows 7 SDK” misidentify “Microsoft .Net 4.7.1” has a pre-RTM install


.Net Framework 4.0


Our next key step is download .Net 4.0, the baseline version.

Download “Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Standalone Installer)” from here.


Install the product.


Windows SDK for Windows 7 ( Attempt 2 )

Install Steps

Installation Option

Once we uninstalled .Net 4.0 Version 4.6.1 and installed .Net 4.0, we are able to choose .Net Development.


We had so many setbacks trying to install this product and they are documented here:

  1. “Windows SDK for Windows 7” – Installation – Error – “Setup could not find the file WinSDK_amd64\WinSDK_amd64.msi at any of the specified source locations”

    • Remediation :- Download Windows SDK for Windows 7 ISO from here.
  2. “Windows SDK for Windows 7” – Installation – Error – “DeleteFileSafe failed”

    • Remediation :- Uninstall Microsoft Visual 2010


Validate Install

Let us validate our install.

Start Menu

The Start Menu is updated with a new “Microsoft Windows SDK v7.1” sub menu.

Targeted Folder

As we directed our install unto Drive C:, the install files are placed in “C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v7.1“.


Command Shell

Launched Command Shell and changed folder to “C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v7.1\Bin”.

Ran gacutil.exe /?


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