PSSDiag – 2017/Dec

Download – Link

Download PSSDiag from GitHub.

PSSDiag has moved around quite a bit.

Version Repository Moniker URL
v2008 – Current GitHub Microsoft/DiagManager
v2008 –  Current Codeplex diagManager
v2000, v2005  Microsoft PSSDiag


As we are on v2016, downloaded from here.

The current version is


The package is delivered as a compressed file; zip to be exact.

So please extract it.


Extracted Files


File List

Filename Use
 DiagManager.exe  PSSdiag & Sqldiag Configuration Manager
 DiagManager.exe.config  PSSdiag & Sqldiag Configuration Manager – Config File
DiagManager.exe.manifest  PSSdiag & Sqldiag Configuration Manager – Manifest File
 DiagManager.pdb  Diag Manager – pdb File – Stores Debugging Information
 DiagManager.vshost.exe  Diag Manager – vshost File – Hosting Process ( The hosting process is a feature in Visual Studio that improves debugging performance, enables partial trust debugging, and enables design time expression evaluation )
DiagManager.vshost.exe.config  Diag Manager – vshost File – Hosting Process ( Config File )




Image – XEvent

Image – XEvent – Default

Image – XEvent – Revised

Image – Profiler Trace – Revised

Image – Perfmon

Image – Custom Diagnostics


Image – Misc – Default

Image – Misc – Revised

Image – Configuration Save



Again, pssdiag is a compressed file.

pssdiag – uncompress

pssdiag – Extract Compressed ( Zipped ) Folders

Please uncompress it.

pssdiag – Extracted

Folder List

Command Shell
Command Shell – Initiate

Please initiate cmd.exe in Administrator Mode…

Command Shell – User Account Control

Command Shell – Administrator Mode

pssdiag – Initiate

pssdiag – Terminate

Press CTRl-C to terminate


pssdiag – Output

An output folder is created and populated.


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