Pastor Mohammad Yamout



  1. Pastor Mohammed, Arab Ex Muslim…Best life story & Testimony(Pls Share)
    Proclaiming The Gospel in Lebanon The Mohammad Yamout story…
    This is the Facebook page of ” Tyre Church Lebanon” :… ( Link
    Please support this Pastor for his great & unique Gospel work in the devils den. Thank you & God Bless you.
    Channel :- strongtower27
    Publish Date :- 2017-June-30th
  2. Open Doors
    Mohammad Yamout was born to a Muslim Sunni family in Lebanon in 1966. He attended an Evangelical Church and at the age of 14, God saved him through its Sunday School ministry; since that time he gave his life to Jesus. His family rejected him, he had to leave his home and spend his next years working and living in a warehouse. Two attempts to kill him were made by fundamentalist groups because of his zeal for Evangelism. His local Church discipled him and helped Mohammad with his education, he graduated from Bob Jones University with a BS in Accounting.
    Channel :- Horizons International
    Publish Date :- 2016-May-2nd
  3. Mohammad Yamout – Tyra (Church Of Truth)
    Channel :- Church of Truth
    Publish Date :- 2015-Oct-18th



Pastor Mohammed, Arab Ex Muslim…Best life story & Testimony(Pls Share)

  1. Sunday School
  2. Fatherlessness
    • Being raised without a father is very traumatic
    • But, upon finding God, I understand why
    • He wanted to save me
    • While I was lost in the physical world without a father
    • God wanted to save me
  3. 12 years
    • Questions starting to occur
      • Where is God
      • Where is my Father?
        • Why did he leave me
    • Why these questions?
      • American University
        • Lived close to the University
        • Hot bed of critical dialogue inclusive communism, Cold War
        • Allowed me to quicken my thinking
  4. 14 years
    • Decision Time
      • Meet My creator
      • Family
        • Family line includes various Koranic Thinkers
  5. Convince God
    • Since God saved me, he was trying to get me into the ministry
    • Raised Poor
      • Being raised poor and a street kid
    • Gave Me
      • He gave me the talent
      • He gave me mission
    • I told God this is the way
    • I was giving away about a $1000 each month
    • I was in love with Business, and I was in love with Jesus

Open Doors

  1. Glory?
    • Man was made to glorify Glorify God
    • He was not made to Glorify Man
  2. Obedience
    • God loves us to obey him
  3. Refugee
    • Syrian Refugees
    • They are dangerous, God does not know that
    • Love your enemy

Mohammad Yamout – Tyra (Church Of Truth)

  1. We hear from Glory to Glory
    • But, Glory to Glory comes after Sacrifice to Sacrifice
  2. Prosecution
    • Prosecution is often the breeden ground for revival
  3. Challenges
    • Do not lay down your convictions on the altar of convenience
  4. Vision
    • Vision comes out of faith and becomes our faith
  5. Challenges
    • Maybe you have laid own your life to follow Jesus and you find yourself no longer in a place of comfort
    • They just exist
    • Heavenly minded and currently of no earthly good
    • filled with purpose
    • I run with purpose with every step ( Apostle Paul – 1 Corinthians 9:26 NLT – So I run with purpose in every step. … )
      • Not just shadow boxing


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