Search for documents that contain specific contents – Using grepWin


After so many years using Windows I will like to say I get how to find documents that contain specific contents.

But, in all honesty, I occasionally still stumble with the Window Explorer Interface.



Habits are easy to form, and bad ones are hard to break.

But, may be if I start trying out other tools, I will eventually find one, where I don’t dither as often.



The first tool that I found via Googling is grepWin and so let us try it out.



I do not have permission to install software on my work laptop and so I need a portable, no install, option.

Downloaded Portable version from here.




To use just right click on the file an run as an Administrator.




In the Screenshot below, we are doing the following:

    1. Search In :-
      • Targeted Folder is C:\Personal\dadeniji\blog
    2. Search Type :-
      1. Options :- Regex or Text Search
      2. Choice :- Easy as Sunday morning, Text Search
    3. Search For :-
      • Proxy
        • Search for files that have the word Proxy in them
    4. Options :-
      • Search case-sensitive
        • No – Skip burden of sensitivity searches
    5. Limit Search :-
      • Include System items
        • No – Skip system files
      • Include Subfolders
          • Yes, we we want a deep search and not just the current targeted folder

    • Include Binary files
      • No – Skip Binary files
      • Binary files are compiled application code
      • Often files with extension exe, com
    • File name match
      • *.sql
        • I am a lowly DBA and so I would likely have offered up *.sql as the file extension




Query Results

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