Windows 10 – Create Installation Media Using “Media Creation Tool”


Wifey’s Windows 10 HP Stream Laptop is no longer accessible; nothing major but she can not remember what she changed the password to.



A lot of tools for trying to get back in relies on using a Windows Installer, Linux Boot CD, or various third party tools.

I was able to start the laptop up with Windows 7 and Windows 2008-R2, but none of them picked up the internal hard-disk.

Seemingly, MSFT has secured the hard-drive more since these OSes.



It is time to try out Windows 10 Installer.


Please download Media Creation Tool from here.


Once Media Creation Tool is downloaded, please launch it.


  1. License Terms
  2. What do you want to do
    • Choices
      • Upgrade this PC now
      • Create installation media  ( USB Flash drive, DVD, or ISO File ) for another PC
    • As we preparing an Installation Media for another PC, chose the second option, “Create installation media
  3. Select Language, and Edition, and Architecture
    • Language – English ( United States )
    • Edition – Windows 10
    • Architecture ( 32 bit, 64 bit, or both )
  4. 4 / 8 GB of free disk space needed on Drive C:
    • Depending on the Architecture Choice made earlier, that is 32 bit, 64 bit, or both, specific disk space requirement on the System Drive will have to be met
    • If either or, 32 or 64 bit is desired, 4 GB will be needed
    • On the other hand, if both bitness is desired, 8 GB will be needed
  5. Processing
    • Files are downloaded from MSFT
    • The image is cached locally
  6. Availed
    • Image is availed locally on the designated folder


License Terms


What do you want to do ?



Select language, architecture, and edition




4GB/8 GB of free disk space needed on (C : )




Burn the ISO file to a DVD


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