Apache–jMeter – Test Plan – ASP.Net – Forms Authentication–Troubleshooting


In a previous post we spoke about the steps we undertook to design a test plan for authenticating users connecting to an ASP.Net web site.

In this post, we will shield light on the headwinds that batted us along the way.




  1. Workflow
  2. Thread Group
    • Thread Group Configuration
      • More threads than necessary
  3. HTML Page
    • Hidden fields
    • Entry fields
    • Action or Push button
  4. Component – Cookies Manager
  5. Component – View Results Tree
  6. Component – View Results Table
  7. Web Server
    • HTTP Logs
    • Failed Request Tracing



This is a very crude drawing …


But, it hopefully shows workflow  ..

  1. First HTTP Request Default
  2. Second HTTP Request
    • Use Get Method to request session page
    • Returns to us the session date ( viewstate, eventValidation, viewStateGenerator )
  3. Parse returned Page
    • Using CSS /JQuery parse data and retrieve session data mentioned above
  4. Third HTTP Request
      • Use Post Method to submit user credentials
      • Make sure that session data we parsed earlier is packaged, as well


Thread Group

Thread Group Configuration

More threads than Necessary

Thread Group – Configuration @ 7:11 PM

At 7:11 PM, we were hopeful and set up for fifty users, a ramp time of 10 seconds.

And, 2 repetitions.



Thread Group – Configuration @ 1:03 AM

At 1 AM of the next day, we were humbled to 1 user and a single iteration.




Once we could not successfully authenticate and started adding ViewResultsTree and viewResultsInTable, we started seeing double and some of it was due to the fact that we had more workers than was necessary.



Hidden Fields



  1. Make a note of all hidden fields
  2. Determine how they are populated
    • Static versus Dynamic
    • Vetted against replay
  3. Encoded ( Yes or No )


Cookies Manager

For state management, you will need cookies, server and client side, so please save yourself the headache by enabling them.


Image – Before


Image – After



  1. Once things are good
    • Clear cookies each iteration
      • Please mark “Clear cookies each iteration” once you are comfortable with your design


View Results Tree


View Results Tree – Request





Take a good look at the Post data

  1. Post data
    • Do you have that the user field populate
    • What about the hidden fields
      • Are the hidden fields supplied by the system and are they varied as a counter measure against replay


View Results Tree – Response data





Our response data looks perfect.


View Results Tree – Request




  1. Get data
    • Because our request type is not a Get, but a Post, the Get data is left vacant
  2. Cookies Data
    • We are authenticated and we have our cookies


Web Server

Please check IIS Logs and enable Failed Request Tracing

  • HTTP Logs
  • Failed Request Tracing

Failed Request Tracing

IIS Failed Request Tracking module offers superlative debugging tooling.

Failed Request Tracing – 001

Failed Request Tracing – 001 – Image


Failed Request Tracing – 001 – Textual

Validation of viewstate MAC failed. 
If this application is hosted by a Web Farm or cluster, ensure that machineKey configuration specifies the same validationKey and validation algorithm. 
AutoGenerate cannot be used in a cluster.
See http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=314055 for more information.



Failed Request Tracing – 002

Failed Request Tracing – 002 – Image


Failed Request Tracing – 002 – Textual

The state information is invalid for this page and might be corrupted.



Dedicated to Michael Stover.

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