SQL Server – Database Permissions – List


There are different levels of permissions in SQL Server.

There are concentric permissions.

Inclusive are Instance, database, schema, and object.

And, others that are more dependant on the object type.

Database Permissions


              = db_name()

         ,  [username] 
              = tblGranteeDP.[name]

         ,  [login]     
             = suser_sname(tblGranteeDP.[sid])

         ,  [permissionClass]
             = tblDP.class_desc

         ,  [permissionName] 
            = tblDP.[permission_name]

         ,  [permissionState] 
            = tblDP.state_desc

         ,  [principalType] 
            = tblGranteeDP.[type_desc]

FROM sys.database_permissions AS tblDP

INNER JOIN sys.database_principals AS tblGrantorDP   
    ON tblGrantorDP.principal_id = tblDP.grantor_principal_id

INNER JOIN sys.database_principals AS tblGranteeDP
    ON tblGranteeDP.principal_id = tblDP.grantee_principal_id

LEFT OUTER JOIN sys.server_principals AS tblGranteeSP
    ON tblGranteeDP.principal_id = tblGranteeSP.principal_id

    Identifies class on which permission exists.
where (tblDP.class = 0)

    Exclude those with mere CONNECT permission
and  tblDP.permission_name not in 

order by
      db_name() asc
    , tblGranteeDP.[name] asc
    , tblDP.[permission_name] asc


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