MS Windows – Task Scheduler – Listing Tasks


There is a nightly batch process that we need to test out as part of a Database Upgrade we are trying to process.

Unfortunately, the task is not running properly when scheduled through the MS Windows Scheduler.

There are likely a few likely causation.


As part of a long trek, we need to document the scheduled tasks.


Microsoft greatly expanded the list of scheduled tasks in MS Windows.


Using Microsoft’s built-in Task scheduler, here is what ours look like.

GUI – Individual Tasks

To document individual tasks, please select the task, right click on it, and choose  “Export…” from the drop-down menu.


Bill Stewart

Need a way of scripting and generating a text file and that is where Bill Stewart comes in.


I have uploaded his Powershell Script to GitHub and here is the Link.


Here are some sample usage scenarios.

Usage – List Chkdsk


set _taskName=\Microsoft\Windows\Chkdsk\*

powershell ./Get-ScheduledTaskRevised.ps1 -TaskName %_taskName% -Subfolders


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